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Variable angle far-infrared ellipsometer with rotating compensator

Specification of the instrument:

It is a custom constructed instrument that is at the very last stage of completion. It consists of a vacuum chamber attached to a FTIR spectrometer (Bruker V80v). It will operate in the far- and mid-infrared frequency range (30-5000 cm-1). For high signal to noise, a closed cycle bolometer is be used. It features theta-2theta goniometer with 0.01 degree precision and laser sensitive detector for precise sample alignment to achieve best reproducibility. Possibility to use a Si based compensator in order to measure depolarisation. It will be possible to measure 12 elements of the Muller matrix in the PCSA arrangement. The ellipsometer is equipped with 4K closed cycle cryostat with differentially pumped goniometer for measurements between 4-300K range. The ellipsometer complements the commercial ellipsometers Woollam IR-VASE and Woollam VASE for the MIR and NIR-UV range present within CEITEC laboratories.

Intended instrument usage:

Precise optical characterisation of the bulk samples and thin films. Determination of the dielectric function including in-plane and out-of-plane anisotropy. Studies of phonon resonances and conducting charge carriers. Contactless characterisation of interfacial conductivity and Berreman modes (plasmons) similar to the work presented in PRL 104, 156807 (2010).


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