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Organic semiconductors

Focus points:
  • structure of thin films of organic semiconductors: crystal structure and texture, surface/interface roughness, islands formation
  • influence of growth parameters and thin film substrate on the film structure
  • effect of post-growth annealing
  • effect of molecular mixing → phase separation?, unlimited mixing?, formation of a molecular compound?
Case studies:

Crystal growth of para-sexiphenyl on clean and oxygen reconstructed Cu(110) surfaces – determination of molecular pattern in ultra-thin films.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2011, 13, 14675–14684

Island size evolution and molecular diffusion during growth of organic thin films followed by time-resolved specular and off-specular scattering – determination of thickness dependent effective activation energy of molecular island nucleation (molecule diindenoperylene).
Phys. Rev. B 90, 045410 (2014)

Employed experimental techniques:

  • X-ray scattering techniques: X-ray specular reflectivity and coplanar and grazing incidence (i.e. surface sensitive) X-ray diffraction, grazing incidence small angle scattering, and AFM
  • in-situ time-resolved X-ray scattering experiments during organic molecular beam deposition (on synchrotrons in cooperation with University of Tübingen) and during sample annealing

Past work done with :
  • group of Prof. Dr. F. Schreiber (Physics of Molecular and biological materials), University of Tübingen, Germany
  • group of Prof. Dr. R. Resel at Institute of Solid State Physics, Technical University Graz, Austria

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