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Klaus Bering, PhD., Assoc. Prof.


Postal Address:
Dept. of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics,
Kotlarska 2, CZ-611 37, Brno, Czech Republic.

Location: Building 6, 3rd floor, room 03034.
Phone: +420 54949 4174.
E-mail: bering at physics dot muni dot cz.

Research and Publications:

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Dr. Bering has Erd"os number equal to 4, either via
Paul Erd"os > John L. Selfridge > Frederick R. Cohen > Thomas J. Lada > Klaus Bering,
or via Paul Erd"os > Vilmos Totik > Barry Simon > Harald Grosse > Klaus Bering.
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FC210 Advanced QFT
F5510 Analytical Mechanics
F8600 Lie Groups in Physics

Former teaching:

QED gangster consultation
F7780 Non-Linear Waves and Solitons

Bachelor Students:

Paulina Karlubikova (2011)
Ondrej Hulik (2012)
Michal Pazderka (2013)
Jan Merta (2014)
David Svoboda (2014)
Tomas Michalik (2015)
Ondrej Kovanda (2017)
Darek Cidlinsky (2018)
Nino Lomtatidze (2019)
Nikolas Masnicak (2019)
Milan Suk

Master/Diploma Students:

Stanislav Kovac (2013)
Ondrej Hulik (2014)
Michal Pazderka (2015)
Nikolas Masnicak
Martina Bartova

PhD/Doctor Students:

Michal Pazderka

Picture of Dr. Bering teaching Advanced Fruit Dynamics:


Dr. Klaus Bering: How I stopped worrying about the proof of the Arnold-Liouville theorem.
Subtitle: Everything you always wanted to know about action-angle variables but were afraid to ask.

Recreational Physics:

The Double Integrator in Optimal Control Theory

Leisure links:

Standard model and Higgs explained a capella
String theory explained a capella
Hip-Hop song explaining CERN's Large Hadron Collider with Hawking sound-alike as narrator
The Onion: "Bush Finds Error In Fermilab Calculations"
Richard Feynman in Auckland, NZ
The widely unknown 5th beatle
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