QED gangster consultation

Spring 2020:

Friday 20.03.20:
Loop integrals; Master formula; Feynman trick; (video)

Tuesday 24.03.20:
Full & Free path ingral/partition function; Full & Free probagator and Self-energy; phi-cubed theory; Renormalization; Counterterms; J-picture; Amputated picture; Symmetry factors; Combinatorics; (video)

Friday 27.03.20:
hbar/loop-expansion; Superficial degree of divergence; Renormalizability; Dimensional analysis; phi-cubed self-energy; (video)

Tuesday 31.03.20:
On-shell (OS) and MS-bar renormalization schemes; RG-flow; Beta function; (video)

Friday 03.04.20:
Stueckelberg pure QED; Lagrangian; 't Hooft-Veltman gauge; Faddeev-Popov term; Propagators; Feynman rules; Photon propagator: Self-loop diagram; (video)

Tuesday 07.04.20:
Photon propagator: Ghost-loop diagram + scalar loop diagram; Feynman trick; (video)

Tuesday 14.04.20:
Other propagator; Photon propagator: photon-loop; Conventions for derivative couplings; (video)

Friday 17.04.20:
Photon propagator: photon-loop; Ward identities; Ghost propagator; (video)

Tuesday 21.04.20:
Result for photon propagator in Feynman xi=1 gauge; Ghost propagator; Scalar propagator; Kaluza-Klein notation; (video)

Friday 24.04.20:
Scalar propagator; Mixed propagator; Conventions for Fourier transform; Conventions for derivative couplings; (video)

Tuesday 28.04.20:
BRST formulation; Ward identity; (video)

Tuesday 05.05.20:
Ward identity; Fourier transformation; Check and predictions for photon propagator; (video)

Tuesday 19.05.20:
Fermionic matter; Ward identity; Fourier transformation; (video)

Fall 2020:

Thursday 08.10.20:
Greens functions, Propagators & 2-pt functions; (video)

Thursday 15.10.20:
Greens functions, Propagators & 2-pt functions. Operator ordering prescriptions; (video)

Thursday 2.10.20:
Greens functions. Feynman rules; (video)