Dr. Jiri Novak

Assistant Professor
Department of Condensed Matter Physics (UFKL)
CEITEC, Masaryk University
Kotlarska 2 (Bldg. 9)
CZ-611 37 Brno
Czech Republic
tel: +420 54949 6947
fax: +420 541 211 214


List of publications

Curriculum Vitae


Doctoral thesis: “Structural investigations of nano-islands using X-ray diffraction techniques ” (2006)

Graduation thesis: “Monochromatization of X-rays with periodic multilayers ” (1999) (in Czech only).
Czech title of the thesis: “Monochromatizace rtg záření periodickými multivrstvami.”


Supervised Theses

Lectures & Exercises



MatSpecGUI is a Matlab based utility which allow for processing and imaging of 2D x-ray data acquired via SPEC software. In particular, the utility is aimed to handle x-ray data measured via 1-dimensional position sensitive detectors (PSDs).

X-ray instrumentation

Home laboratory set-up for measurements of GIXD reciprocal space maps.

If the embedded video does not appear above this text (the problem appeared on Mozilla Firefox on Linux around y. 2019), please refer to this link.

A short movie on a x-ray diffraction set-up allowing for grazing incidence diffraction measurements at home laboratory. At the Institute of Solid State Physics at the Technical University in Graz (Austria), we reconfigured a commercial Bruker D8 Discovery diffractometer. The set-up involves a combination of a Bruker D8 Ultra GID x-ray tube holder, Vantec-1 linear PSD, a parabolic collimating x-ray mirror, and two soller slits. Performance tests of the set-up showed that phase analysis of organic thin films (50 nm pentacene) and in-plane lattice parameters determination of self-organized organic molecules monolayers (quinquethiophene) are feasible within 10 to 20 hours of GIXD reciprocal space maps measurments.