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Arduino-powered game console with LED matrix display

Implemented games and tools
Hack a Day Easter Egg


The main inspiration for creating this retro-style handheld gaming console was one of the puzzles in this year's TMOU puzzlehunt game. Because members of my Rover Scout crew organize each year similar type of game, there was an idea to create some universal device which could be used there. Another motivation was that I wanted to utilize a matrix display, 3-axis accelerometer and some Li-ion batteries I ordered on eBay during last months. And I wanted to learn something new.

The whole system is powered by ATmega328 microcontroller with Arduino Optiboot. It has 32 kB of flash memory, 2 kB SRAM and 1 KB EEPROM for storing user settings, all running at 16 MHz. The 8×8 red LED dot matrix display is driven by MAX7219 driver which communicates via SPI bus. The console can be controlled using seven buttons and a 3-axis accelerometer (MMA7361). The power source is supplied by four AA-sized Li-ion cells with a 5V step-up converter and a TP4056 charging circuit.

Until now I've implemented a few games and tools and one Easter Egg. If you are interrested, you can download a source codes in a download section.

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