Nightview's features

  • Nightview is software dedicated for control of a CCD camera and telescope.
  • Nightview provides: setup exposure type (dark, light), binning mode, exposure duration on the CCD camera and acquire of the exposure.
  • Nightview has fuctions for selection of any filter in a filter wheel.
  • With Nightview, it is possible to get and set of temperature of a camera CCD chip.
  • Nightview allows slew your telescope to any position on the sky.
  • Nightview camera and telescope components works together, so every image contains information about telescope position.
  • Nightview is designed multiplatformly. All of features are supported under Linux. A client part works under FreeBSD (and probably other Unix-like environments).
  • There is no dependence on a desktop environment.
  • Graphical user interface is provided by wxWidgets.
  • Command line clients are intended for batch processing and scripting.
  • At present time, only SBIG cameras on USB port are supported.
  • Nightview is prepared in mind of architecture of type server - client. All devices are accesible via a network.
  • The telescope driver can be simple ported on various home-made mounts.
  • The standard FITS format has been choosed for all image data manipulation.
  • There is a mode for pointing of long exposure series.
  • An internet access to SIMBAD archive is implemented.

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