The NightView is a software package to control of the SBIG's CCD cameras under Linux. It provides full iterative or batch control of a camera and a filter wheel. It is developed on Monte Boo observatory as a main control software of our camera and telescope. The develop is under GPL so a source code is open for possible changes.

The camera control software is developed on layer of the libsbig library maintained by Steve Ashe (Steve's ftp) and SBIG's Universal Driver Library. The NightView packages was developed as a fully functional network application. This package contains a server implementing simple protocol for communication with clients.

This document (PS version, PDF version) is a complete description of the NightView. Integral's ftp contains tarball and all what you want for a professional astronomical observations. (please, be sure that you have a correct reverse dns name record and don't use passive ftp or use http access).

Alternatively, there is a Web access to this ftp:

The current version of the nightview package is 0.4.0, It's at finishing phase.

Operational schema
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Schematical description of GTKnightview
Schematical description of xmove

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