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Kurt Gödel Day 2024 (KGD2024)


Czech Gathering of Logicians 2024 (CGL2024)


27 - 28 May 2024, Brno, the Czech Republic

Early registration deadline: 12/5/2024. Later registration is possible (but cannot cover food at conference dinner because catering ordering is closed).

Early fee payment deadline: 19/5/2024. After that day, the fee payment is considered as late. Fee payment data are sent to persons after registration.


organised by Brno Observatory and Planetarium,
Kurt Gödel Society in Brno,
Masaryk University,
Institute of Computer Science, The Czech Academy of Sciences
and Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists, Brno branch

Previous editions:
Tribute to Kurt Godel (TKG2020)
KGD2021 and CGL2021

Two further recent CGL editions:

Last update: 28/05/2024.