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EBF Fit is a program for analysis of branching fractions of optical transitions. It can automatically calculate the branching fractions in measured spectra and fit them with theoretical model based on escape factor approach for description of self-absorption of radiation. Fitted fractions are used to determine the densities of lower states of optical transitions. It is developed at Department of Physical Electronics of Faculty of Science of Masaryk University in Brno. It is designed for Microsoft Windows 7 and higher.

Program EBF Fitr Program EBF Fit
EBF Fit - branching fractions EBF Fit - RSS map

Program Features

  • Text file import of measured intensities of spectral lines.
  • The program can be used independently on element studied.
  • Database lines of Ti I and Ti II already included in installation.
  • Two methods of density evaluation - RSS map and Marquardt-Levenberg algorithm.
  • Self-absorption described by Mewe escape factor with Doppler lineshape.
  • Uncertainty estimation of all fitted parameters based on uncertainty propagation law.
  • Export of fitted data.