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III-V and IV type-II quantum dots (QD)

- various QD systems studied theoretically and experimentally (electronic, excitonic and multiexcitonic structures)
- theoretical description focused on single and multi particle calculations. (elastic strain fields or transport phenomena)
- results compared with experiments performed in our laboratories (PL, X-ray, etc.)
- several QD systems have been recently investigated

III-V systems: For GaAsSb capped InAs QDs we have provided one of the first realistic calculations of the electronic and excitonic structure of this system. Furthermore, we have provided an alternative explanation of the observed blueshift of the PL spectra with pumping based on emission from biexcitons

IV systems: From extensive studies of SiGe QDs we have provided the first theoretical prediction and in cooperation with {\color{blue}HLP JKU Linz} also experimental verification of multiexcitonic recombinations in SiGe QDs grown on prepatterned Si substrates


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