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CEITEC  equipment at the Department

X-ray scattering equipment

X-ray Diffractometer Rigaku SmartLab 9kW

Rigaku SmartLab with rotating anode

– source: copper rotating anode, 9 kW

– detectors: scintillation, linear

– methods: diffraction, reflectivity, GID, SAXS, ...

– environments: ambient conditions; high-temperature chamber


Optical spectroscopy and microscopy equipment

Bruker FTIR Hyperion Vertex

Bruker FTIR microscope and spectrometer

– Bruker Hyperion 3000: FTIR microscope

– Bruker Vertex 80V: Spectrometer

Woollam VASE

Woollam VASE ellipsometer

– ellipsometer, 190–2500 nm

Woollam IR VASE

Woollam IR-VASE ellipsometer

– ellipsometer, 1.7–;30 micrometers


NT-MDT TERS (Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy)

– Raman + Photoluminescence system Solar II with 2 water-cooled cameras (covering 320–1700 nm), 4 automatized gratings, confocal imaging, wide range scanning table

– SPM module NTegra Spectra with sample scanner for AFM or STM tips and tuning forks, top and side laser input

– Lasers: dual He-Cd NUV/blue (15 mW @ 325 nm, 40 mW @ 441 nm), green solid state (20 mW @ 532 nm), NIR diode laser (300 mW @ 785 nm), supercontinuum ("white laser" Fianium SC-450) covering 400–1600 nm.


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