INNOLEC lecture: Prof. Diederik Depla

  • 4 June 2024
    9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • lecture room F1, building 6, campus Kotlářská 2

Department of Plasma Physics and Technology and CEPLANT center cordially invite you to an INNOLEC lecture from a foreing guest from Ghent University, Belgium:

Prof. Diederik Depla – Fundamental aspects of reactive sputtering

Reactive magnetron sputter deposition is a mature technique often used in laboratories and at industrial level to grow compound thin films. The growth of these films is defined by the deposition conditions, and therefore a good knowledge of the deposition process is essential to tune the growth and as such the film properties.

After a short introduction on the physics of sputtering, the magnetron discharge and the transport of sputtered atoms through the gas phase, the course starts with a few definitions regarding reactive sputtering to show that the processes driving this technique are general applicable. This introduction assists the attendee to the next step : the description of the most common experiment during reactive magnetron sputtering, the hysteresis experiment. The simplicity of this experiment fools initially the scientist because it hides a complex interplay between different processes that define the actual outcome of the experiment. During the course, the details of this experiment are analyzed, and modelling is used to guide the attendee. In this way, the attendee will gain knowledge in a wealth of important process controlling the film growth. A good knowledge of these processes will arm the attendee to analyze and to control the reactive sputtering process.

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