Open Door Days

Each year, we organise two events for our prospective applicants

Open Door Days

Open Door Days provide information about the studies in an official way.

ODDs include a lecture on the application procedure, followed by a short presentation of individual programmes and specialisations. During the event, selected laboratories and classrooms are open for access. You can have a look at the environment you may study in one day. In addition to the laboratories, where our students and workers will show you interesting things from current research, the F3 classroom is also open, where textbooks used during studies and final theses of students are on display. Most of the places will be attended by the students of various programmes. You can ask them about their experience and gain a better insight into what you can expect during your studies.

Open Day

Another event is the Open Day, organised exclusively by students. The contents of the Open Day include popular physical experiments and quizzes, in which you can try out your physical intuition and knowledge. The interactive programme offers enough space to debate with the organising students who will try to give you valuable advice and tips for your studies.

Open Day for 2020 still has no date set, but it will take place sometime in mid-September. The exact date will be published on this website.