Doctoral study

Doctoral programmes

The doctoral program in Physics is divided into 7 specializations, however, students can choose a specific mix of courses according to their interests.

On doctoral studies

The aim of doctoral studies is to provide talented students with the opportunity to continue, after obtaining their Master’s degree, studying the Physics study programme at PhD level in the following specialisations.

A Physics PhD student becomes a member of research teams, typically involved in specifically funded research, and they are coached to become an independent creative scientific worker after graduation. The prerequisite for graduating is publishing in renowned foreign journals, active participation in the meetings of scientists and usually also a long-term placement abroad. This will also guarantee the ability to communicate with foreign partners in English and possibly other languages.

The aim is to prepare students to be able to work independently at universities and R&D workplaces in the Czech Republic with the possibility of finding a job anywhere in the world.

Doctoral studies admissions procedure

  • The first step is to find your supervisor and select the topic of your doctoral thesis. You can find the list of supervisors and their respective research areas below. Please contact the supervisor and agree on a research topic to apply for the position of a PhD student.

  • Set up an electronic application via the link on the website of the respective programme (see above).

  • You can expect an invitation and prepare for the interview. Information about the requirements examined at the admission interview are slightly different for individual programmes - please, find detailed information on the website of the respective programme (see above).

How are PhD students paid?

The basis of the PhD student’s salary is a scholarship of CZK 12,000 per month. It is paid to all full-time students of doctoral study programmes who have not exceeded the standard period of study (4 years).
In addition, the students receive a scholarship from the funds of the specific research for issued publications and presentations at conferences.
Other funding options vary depending on the individual institutions and research projects. The total net income of an active student varies between CZK 18,000 and 30,000.

PhD studies at the Department of Plasma Physics and Technology

Additional information about students' general obligations, recommended classes, final state exams, or motivation program for the specialization of Plasma Physics can be found at the following link.

Innovation of the doctoral study program was supported from ESF funds under project no. CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_018/0002604 in the frame of structural funding VVV (Research, Development and Education, RDE).

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