Seminar ÚFKL: Alessandro Toschi

  • 22 May 2024
    11:00 AM
  • Seminars take place in the lecture room F1 (building 6, Kotlářská 2).

Department of Condensed Matter Physics (ÚFKL) invites you to lecture

Alessandro Toschi (Institute of Solid State Physics, Technische Universität Wien):
Fluctuation diagnostics of pseudogap and d-wave superconductivity in the two-dimensional Hubbard model

In recent years, reliable approaches have been developed [1] to identify the dominant fluctuations
driving the multifaceted phenomena of many-electron physics. Among those, the “fluctuation
diagnostics" [2] was hitherto applied only to normal, paramagnetic phases, allowing to pinpoint the
spin-fluctuation nature of the pseudogap occurring in the two-dimensional Hubbard model [1-2]. After
extending the approach to the superconducting phase [3], we were able to identify antiferromagnetic
fluctuations as the "pairing glue" of d-wave superconductivity both in the underdoped and the
overdoped regime of the Hubbard model. However, the predominant magnetic fluctuations might
significantly differ [4] from those of conventional spin-fluctuation theory.

[1] T. Schäfer and A. Toschi, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 33, 214001 (2021).
[2] O. Gunnarsson et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 236402 (2015).
[3] Xinyang Dong, L. Del Re, A. Toschi and E. Gull, PNAS 119 e2205048119 (2022).
[4] F. Krien, P. Worm, P. Chalupa-Gantner, A. Toschi and K. Held, Comm. Phys. 5, 336 (2022).

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