Canadian scientist Dr. Jacopo Profili visited the DPPT and CEPLANT Centre

In the last week of January, Canadian scientist Dr. Jacopo Profili visited the Department of Plasma Physics and Technology and CEPLANT Centre. Initially a chemistry graduate, Profili is now working in Canada on preparing and modifying materials using gas discharges. As part of the INNOLEC project, he lectured on barrier dielectric discharge and its use in producing organosilicon layers.

7 Feb 2024 Tereza Schmidtová

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Dr. Jacopo Profili from Université Laval, Canada, visited the Department of Plasma Physics and Technology and the CEPLANT centre at the end of January. As part of the INNOLEC project, Dr. Profili gave a talk on February 1, 2024, entitled "Organosilicon coatings made by a dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure: towards a better understanding of the fragmentation processes." His general overview lecture was attended by scientists and students from across the research groups of the Department. The common interest in barrier surface discharges and organosilicon layers links Canadian colleagues' research with the DPPT scientists.

Dr. Jacopo Profili came at the invitation of his colleague Dr. Jakub Kelar from the Plasma Nanotechnologies and Bioapplications research group. Last year, they established an active collaboration. Dr. Kelar is an invited researcher in the research group in which Dr. Profili works. Also, last year, Dr. Kelar visited the workplace of his Canadian colleagues in Québec as an invited researcher. Bc. Lucia Švandová, a Plasma Physics and Nanotechnology master's student, is currently on a long-term stay at Dr. Profili's group in Canada.

Now, the scientists are jointly preparing a new research project, which should focus on current topics, especially considering the renewable economy and the use of renewable resources. Dr. Jacopo Profili also saw the modern laboratories of the Department of Plasma Physics and Technology and CEPLANT. In his words, they made a very good impression on him. During his stay, he talked with various DPPT colleagues. They tried to find further joint interests in professional topics for possible future collaborations.

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