Students and staff across Masaryk University could see what plasma technologies can do at this year's MUNI DAY 2024 event.

17 May 2024 Tereza Schmidtová

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Plasma technology at Masaryk University? That is CEPLANT Centre and the Department of Plasma Physics and Technology!

Zlata Kelar Tučeková, Tereza Schmidtová, Slavomír Sihelník, and Pedram Beigi presented the application of plasma technologies and physics in the world around us. Together, in the main corridor of the Bohunice campus, they showed what artificial plasma looks like in practice and what it can do. Plasma is not just the Sun, lightning, or the aurora.

MUNI Day offered CEPLANT an opportunity to relocate the exhibition about its research, which has been on display so far in the building of the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Science in the Kotlářská 2 campus. The projection of 3D electron microscope images, created for the Days of Electron Microscopy event, offered an extraordinary view into the microworld. Visitors could see stinging trichomes of nettle or the pollen grain of poisonous spring flowers in 3D. Even in the microworld, we can find villains and the electron microscope can show them to us as we do not know them.

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