Looking back at this year's Student physics lectures

This year's Student Physical Lectures have come to pass. This seminar is held every autumn semester. Its goal is to transfer tips and experiences between physics students from different class years. Students had an opportunity to discuss choosing courses, how to select a bachelor thesis, what are the options to study abroad, and others. Experienced Ph.D. students introduced the actual research topics of each physical department.

7 Nov 2022 Tereza Schmidtová

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F9878 Student Physics Lectures are optional at the MU, Faculty of Science. It is held in the autumn semester. Young scientists and experienced students organize this course for the younger and new students in this unique intensive weekend seminar. The goal is networking and social interactions between students of various physical fields. Fifty-five students attended this year's Student Physical Lectures at Ivančice on the weekend 22nd and 23rd of October, 2022. They were introduced to physics studies at Sci MU and informally met their classmates, older students, and colleagues.

The organizers from all three physics departments were the same as last year: Václav Glos, Michal Pazderka, dr. Jakub Kelar, Roman Přibyl, and Michal Kiaba. Klaudia Protušová and Eva Baťková assisted the organizers. How did the event go? Student Physical Lectures include lectures about each physics department and their scientific topics of research. The integral part of the event is the transfer of tips and experience and the creation of connections with new physics students. The program can be found here.

A new addition to Student Physical Lectures was a poster session. "Master students presented ten posters about their work. We successfully managed to create a debate between younger students with the more experienced ones. For us organizers, it is rewarding," comments Roman Přibyl. The organizers also held a contest for the best poster. The evaluation was on visual presentation and the ability to communicate in English to the broader public. Eva Baťková from Astrophysics received the award for the best poster selected by attending students. Beáta Hroncová from Theoretical Physics and Tomáš Rada from Plasma Physics and Nanotechnologies received the organizers' awards.

Some students attended the lectures and the next day's activities even though staying conscious for a whole night. "The cooperation with the students was superb. They also help with the final clean up, and we are thankful," comments Jakub Kelar.

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