High-Energy Astrophysics

Research group at Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics

About us

The research of our group includes the study of the hot gaseous atmospheres permeating massive galaxies and clusters of galaxies, accreting black holes, and enormous stellar explosions called gamma ray-bursts. These are some of the most exciting areas of today’s astrophysics, with a potential to also provide observational breakthroughs in fundamental physics.

For the study of the hot Universe and black hole activity, we mainly use X-ray imaging and spectroscopy, radio interferometry, as well as other novel multi-wavelength observations. The groups aims to demonstrate that critically important observations of the high-energy sky, in particular gamma-ray bursts, can also be performed by nano- and micro-satellites.

Group members


Norbert Werner
Jakub Řípa
Orsolya Kovács
Martin Topinka
Samuel Kováčik
Filip Hroch
Filip Münz

PhD students

Romana Grossová
Jean-Paul Breuer
Matej Kosiba

Undergraduate students

Tomáš Plšek
Kateřina Svačinková
Klaudia Protušová
Kristýna Janoušková
Eva Kosová
Nikola Husáriková


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