Wave and particle optics

Research group at Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics

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Vedoucí: prof. Mgr. Tomáš Tyc, Ph.D.

In our research group we deal with several areas of modern optics research. This includes the theory of perfect optical elements and invisible sheaths, optical fiber imaging, and optics of curved surfaces. On a large part of the projects we cooperate with international partners (University of Glasgow, University of Exeter, National University of Singapore and Xiamen University).

Research areas

  • Perfect optical elements their design, properties and frequency spectra

  • Propagation of light and quantum particles on curved surfaces geodetic lenses, propagation of light and quantum particles on polyhedron surface, remains, revitalized quantum wave packages and Talbot effect

  • Optical fibers propagation of light in bent or non-circular fibers, imaging with multimode optical fibers
  • Theory of invisible cloaking – designing invisible cloaks based on transformation optics and on lens structures

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