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"During my PhD studies, I started working at FEI (since 2016 Thermo Fisher Scientific), which built on Tesla's success in electron microscopy in Brno. I applied my knowledge of plasma physics in the early years when, in collaboration with other colleagues, I developed and implemented a plasma cleaning method that is still used on our microscopes today. In 2013, I left Brno as head of the production engineering department to work for our parent company in the USA. Manufacturing is primarily focused on customers in the ever-evolving semiconductor industry, which brings extreme pressure for innovation and quality. In addition to my knowledge of physics, which was particularly helpful early in my career, my studies also gave me a good knowledge of English, presentation skills, and the ability to solve complex problems."

Mgr. Zdeněk Frgala, Ph.D.​ (graduate 2007)
R&D director, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hillsboro, USA

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"During my studies at Masaryk University, I immersed myself in the world of plasma physics. This field was challenging, but its unexplored nature and complexity attracted me. What appealed to me most about my studies was the opportunity to broaden my horizons. It motivated me to not only educate myself in plasma physics but also delve into chemistry, studying gas flow and other related fields. Already during my PhD studies, I decided to start my own company, PlasmaSolve, and the faculty supported me in my entrepreneurial ambitions. Now Masaryk University is a long-time partner of our company, and I also teach and supervise students at the university part-time."

Mgr. Adam Obrusník, Ph.D.​ (graduate 2018)
CEO, head of consulting, co-founder, PlasmaSolve, Czechia

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"First, I studied general physics, I continued with plasma physics, and then with my doctoral studies. As part of my dissertation, I worked on transferring PVD technologies developed in MU laboratories to industrial devices. I cooperated with Platit company in Šumperk, which I joined as a development worker after graduation. From 2017, I worked as an R&D engineer at Platit's headquarters, Platit AG, in Selzach, Switzerland. Since 2022, I have been working as a scientist at EVATEC AG in Switzerland, which is involved in, among other things, the preparation of thin films for optical, optoelectronic and semiconductor applications. My studies in physics have given me a deep theoretical knowledge that I apply to solve real physics problems relevant to developing new technologies. I appreciate the charged communication skills and the highly superior relationships of the IFE, now the IFTP, with industrial partners."

Mgr. Radek Žemli​čka, Ph.D.​ (graduate 2016)
scientist, Evatec AG, Switzerland

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"Throughout my studies in Nanotechnology and Plasma Physics, I had an interesting and inspiring journey about the knowledge of the macro and micro world. I studied the chemical composition of plasmas and the use of plasmas to prepare thin films with improved mechanical properties. Through my studies, I had the opportunity to learn several analytical methods that helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the experiments. One of the challenges was to link the theoretical and practical knowledge into conclusions that could be used in further developments. During my PhD, I worked with an electron microscope company, which I subsequently joined as a graduate in 2022. Thanks to my studies in physics, I can continue to pursue interesting challenges in the professional field."

Mgr. Katarína Bernátová, Ph.D. (graduate 2022)

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"Studies were difficult, let's face it. But I definitely learned to work better under pressure, and especially in a team, because mutual help between students was necessary (especially when not so many people study physics). I would also highlight the very personal approach of the teachers as a positive. I was well prepared for the Master's degree from the Bachelor's degree - I had information from my senior colleagues about what courses were good to take and even did some of them in advance. The worst and hardest for me was the COVID period; that year and a half was especially very demanding mentally. Now, I am working in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm at Onsemi. I was looking for a job even before I graduated, sending out CVs and going to interviews. There were plenty of job offers, and there were plenty to choose from."

Mgr. Jiří Večeře​ (graduate 2022)
technologist, ON Semiconductor, Czechia

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"It suited me that the follow-up Master's degree perfectly combines experiments and theory. During my studies, I have already started working at Tescan company as a systems engineer in the development of FIB-SEM. I appreciated the many practical exercises on state-of-the-art instruments, which gave me much-needed experience. I enjoyed the electron microscopy courses and hands-on exercises the most. The opportunity to learn how to operate the instruments and then be able to interpret the data obtained is one of the biggest pluses."

Mgr. David Nejezchleba (graduate 2023)
R&D Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific - Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry Division

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"Since the beginning of my studies, I was fascinated by the use of physics in practice and industry, so I wanted to go in this direction. Already in my first year of study, I got the opportunity to do an internship at PlasmaSolve. Plasma physics, especially its use in environmental processes, appealed to me, and I continue to work on it within the company. Through my studies, I also got into programming, which I had avoided in high school. I found that it is not that complicated, and moreover, it simplifies my life extremely. Studying on my own wasn't easy, but we often studied together with classmates and made a great group of friends for life."

Mgr. Kristína Tomanková​ (graduate 2023)
Junior plasma process engineer, PlasmaSolve, Czechia

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„I wanted to study physics, but I had no idea what I would do with it one day. I chose the path of applied physics, and after a bachelor's degree in nanotechnology, I naturally fell into plasma labs. I did basic and applied research under Honza Čech's guidance. During my master's, I already started working as a patent specialist at PatentEnter, where I helped protect the research and development results in perhaps all branches of physics – an excellent career direction for a physicist. (By the way, I highly recommend the Technology Transfer and Patent Law class with Professor Černák.) I spent a few years as a project manager at Advanced Design Solution. Now, I'm starting my own business – Hvězdář.cz, and devoting myself to my family.“

Mgr. Michal Štipl (graduate 2019)

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