SEM MIRA 3 Exhibition at Sci MU library

  • Approximately December 2023 – February 2024
  • SCI MU library at building No.12 at campus Kotlářská 2

The exhibition of SEM images from the Department of Plasma Physics and Technology and CEPLANT center moved back from the Bohunice campus to Kotlářská. Now, you can see the exhibition at SCI MU library in the building No. 12. You can find more on Library webpages here.

The exhibition of CEPLANT and DPPT research is a showcase for a ten-year anniversary of the work with scanning electron microscope SEM Mira 3. We present 14 posters showing uncommon views into the micro and nano world that can be seen through a scanning electron microscope. We have also prepared additional information, explanations and even more interesting photos for every single one of the printed posters for further reading. Alas, the PDF files are only in Czech. P1-SEM, P2-Flowers, P3-EDX, P4-Renovations, P5-BIO, P6-Diatoms, P7-Peas, P8-Paper, P9-Polymer, P10-Textiles, P11-Nanofibers, P12-Nanostructures, P13-GrafenP14-Coatings.

The exhibition is followed by the showcase of CEPLANT's overall research scope. CEPLANT researchers deal with basic and applied plasma science in the field f low-tempereature plasma physics and electric discharges. Individual posters on specific topics show the multidisciplinarity of CEPLANT research and its potential and current applications in the industry. You can see the CEPLANT exhibition still at the staircase gallery in Dean's Building No.1 at campus Kotlářská.

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