CEPLANT Exhibition

  • Approximately May – December 2023
  • Stairway gallery of building No.1 (Dean's office) in the SCI MUNI campus Kotlářská 2

We cordially invite you to the exhibition held by the CEPLANT center. CEPLANT was founded in 2010 as a partially individual unit working within its homeplace, the Department of Physical Electronics. CEPLANT scientists deal with basic and applied research in the field of low-temperature plasma and electric discharges. The exhibition presents our research activities and shows the extent of the potential of plasma applications and their multidisciplinarity. The exhibition is available for viewing in the Dean's Office at campus Kotlářská 2.

The opening of our exhibition will start on May 2nd, 2023, at 10 p.m. with a guided tour. We are specialists in plasma science and its technologies. We offer the attendees a closer look at plasma application and hope to increase their knowledge about plasma science in general. We want to showcase the potential of plasma technologies. Come and have a look!

The exhibition at the Dean's Office is extended till the end of October 2023!

Individual posters on specific topics show the multidisciplinarity of CEPLANT research. We present our plasma sources and show examples of our collaboration with the industry. We use plasma treatment works on paper, plastics, or textiles. We grow thin films with superb mechanical properties. Our colleagues work on creating various nanostructures and not only those based on carbon. We search for new methods of graphene preparation as it is a material of the future. We also study bioapplications and plasma potential in the medical field.

The exhibiton of CEPLANT research is a continuation of our previous showcase that was held as ten year anniversary of the work with our scanning electron micsroscope SEM Mira 3. We presented 14 posters showing uncommon views into the micro and nano world that can be seen through a scanning electron microscope. Since May 2023, these poster can be found at MUNI campus in Bohunice. We have also prepared additional infomation, explanations and even more interesting photos to every single one of printed posters for further reading. Alas the PDF files are only in Czech. P1-SEM, P2-Flowers, P3-EDX, P4-Renovations, P5-BIO, P6-Diatoms, P7-Peas, P8-Paper, P9-Polymer, P10-Textiles, P11-Nanofibers, P12-Nanostructures, P13-GrafenP14-Coatings.

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