Optical properties of matter

Research group at Department of Condensed Matter Physics

Our research groups studies optical properties of matter.


Research topics

High temperature superconductors

We study (experimentally as well as theoretically) optical response of materials with highly correlated electrons, including superconducting cuprates (high-temperature superconductors). Changes of optical spectres around phase transitions (superconducting, ferromagnetic) provide important information about microscopic mechanisms of these phenomena.

Quantum Dots

Bound states of electron and holes occuring in quantum dots (QD) can serve as light sources for telecommunication purposes, other possible application emerges in quantum information technologies.We study properties of light emitted by QD and since 2017 we participate on development of QD-based memories.

Organic semiconductors

We study preparation and structural analysis of thin layers of organic semiconductors and single-molecular magnets.

Plasmonic enhancement of Raman Scattering

Using fine-tuned nanoparticles we can enhance Raman signal of chosen molecules by several orders of magnitude. By specially fabricated SPM tips we should be able to identify individual molecules with nm spatial resolution.