How was GATE?

21 Aug 2020 Magdalena Špoková

International summer school for astronomy and astrophysics students is now over. During ten days groups of students were working on selected topics using GAIA and TESS data. Below we present results of the groups in short.

Astroseismology group managed to reproduce analysis of a red giant oscillations from Kepler. The group made a new analysis using TESS data also used MESA code to confront physical parameters obtained by photometry with evolutionary models.

The group studying eruptive stars used algorithms to identify eruptive red dwarfs in open clusters. They linked rotational velocity of dwarfs with their age and occurrence of the eruptions.

Members of the Exoplanetary group modeled transits of known exoplanets observed by TESS and managed to make some already known parameters more exact.

Eclipsing binaries group successfully used new version of PHOEBE to model selected binary system, using various input parameters.

All summer school lectures are available at this link.

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