Optics for Thin films and Solid Surfaces

Research group at Department of Physical Electronics MU

Description of the group

Our research group Optics for Thin films and Solid Surfaces is a part of the CEPLANT center at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University. We study the optical properties of systems of thin films and solid surfaces together with the optical characterization of these systems. These are, for example, layers prepared by plasmachemical methods, magnetron sputtering, or vacuum evaporation. We work on the formulation of new dispersion and structural models, which are then used in optical characterization. Structural models include defects such as random interface roughness, layer inhomogeneity, thickness non-uniformity, transition interlayers, and more. Our optical laboratory is equipped with spectrophotometers and ellipsometers covering a wide spectral region from the far-infrared region to the vacuum ultraviolet region.

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