Plasma diagnostics and modelling

Research group at Department of Plasma Physics and Technology


  • Laser system from Ekspla, producing picosecond pulses with wavelengths tunable in range 193 – 2300 nm.
  • Laser-induced fluorescence system with ICCD detection. Exciting wavelengths in the range 204-1500 nm, temporal resolution of the fluorescence decay down to 1 ns.
  • Time-correlated single photon counting device Becker&Hickl Simple-Tau 152 with two independent pathways. Time resolution 180 ps (FWHM).
  • Multiple spectrometers coupled with CCD and intensified CCD cameras.
  • Commercial and self-assembled electrical probes with nanosecond and sub-ns time resolution and high sensitivity.
  • Pioneer measurement techniques linked with high-tech oscilloscopes (high bandwidth, high sampling rate and dynamical range) and expertise of large data processing and analysis
  • State of the art software MassiveOES for molecular spectra analysis
  • Software Spectrum Analyzer for analysis of atomic spectra (more than 1000 downloads in last 3 years)
  • Software EBFFit for self-absorption measurement of ground-state densities of metals
  • Access to CERIT computational cloud, pool of virtual machines for scientific computing

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