Letní škola GATE

The GAIA and TESS era brings many challenges with data reduction and with the handling of large data sets in general. This ERASMUS+ Summer School in Brno is aiming at bringing together expert lecturers and tutors who will share their knowledge with school attendants from the early career researcher group. The school is organized in blocks of lectures and hands-on exercises focussing on TESS and GAIA data. In addition, students will work on projects related to TESS and GAIA but from various fields of research. The projects will be led by experienced tutors.

The location at Masaryk University Brno, which is home to about 30 thousand students, will offer a vibrant scientific environment for school attendants for exchanges of ideas and fostering of new collaborations. We plan to organize also a career session and a number of social events. Early career researchers (PhD students, young postdocs) focusing on various aspects of data handling of space, missions are welcome to apply.

Web: gate.physics.muni.cz
Kontakt: maska(at)physics.muni.cz
Deadline: 20. června 2020

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