Seminář ÚFKL: Michal Macek

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Michal Macek (ÚPT AVČR Brno):
Transport of heat by classical and quantum turbulent flows in cryogenic helium-4



Transport of heat by classical and quantum turbulent flows in cryogenic helium-4

Michal Macek

The chaotic, yet evidently partly organized nature of turbulent flows has puzzled and fascinated people long into history. Nevertheless turbulence still remains an open scientific and engineering problem, and perhaps not less importantly a source of inspiration in arts.

We will overview different turbulent flows driven by and also transporting heat, that can be studied in cryogenic laboratories, pointing out that helium 4He at low temperatures provides an excellent environment to study many of them in controlled laboratory conditions: Thanks to scaling propeties of the hydrodynamic equations, (almost) tabletop experiments using 4He provide reasonably simple models of large-scale flows in Nature, which still represent formidable challenges for numerical simulations.

We will focus on experiments on classical turbulence in Rayleigh-Benard convection, studied in the cryogenic laboratories at ISI Brno, especially on the attempts to reach the so-called "ultimate" or asymptotic regime of turbulent convection, theoretically predicted by Kraichnan in 1960s yet experimentally still raising controversy. Understanding this regime better may improve modelling of flows e.g. in Earth's atmosphere, oceans, the solar mantle, etc.

We will briefly touch experiments on quantum turbulence, studied in our partner laboratories in Prague (group of prof. L. Skrbek) and Florida (group of prof. W. Guo), and outline possible connections between the two types of turbulence.


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