Seminář ÚFKL: Petr Klapetek

Ústav fyziky kondenzovaných látek vás zve na přednášku

Petr Klapetek (Český metrologický institut, Brno):
Scanning Thermal Microscopy – experiences and perspectives


Scanning Thermal Microscopy is a less widely used technique from the family of Scanning Probe Microscopy methods. It is based on use of a small heated probe that is operated in a similar way like probe in an Atomic Force Microscope, providing in parallel an information about local thermal properties or local temperature. The method can be therefore useful for analyzing hot spots on microelectronic components or for developing composite materials for heat management at microscale. In this talk the method will be presented, including experiences with using different instruments, probes, regimes (temperature, thermal conductivity, thermomechanical properties) and experiences with making these measurements metrologically traceable. State-of-the art methodologies for obtaining quantitative data will be presented and numerous open questions on both experimental and theoretical side will be discussed.


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