TheorTea 31.3.2021

In this two-part contribution, we will be focused on a representation of
certain PDEs by differential forms and how the corresponding calculus can be
used, particularly in the context of the inverse variational problem. We will
also discuss a possible extension of this approach to systems of PDEs, together
with an interesting link between effective and multisymplectic forms.

In the second part of this seminar talk, we will see how the contact and
symplectic formalism, described in the first part, can be used to represent
PDEs with effective differential forms on the first jet space. Using this
approach, we can prove that both Plebanski heavenly, Grant, and Husain
equations do not have a first-order Lagrangian. At the end of the talk, we will
see that a multisymplectic form can be associated with each of the
aforementioned equations.


You can join the seminar on Zoom via this link or Meeting ID: 987 0002 6434, Passcode: 263322.

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