Diagnostika a modelování plazmatu

Výzkumná skupina Ústavu fyzikální elektroniky

Akademická spolupráce

University of Ghent

Ghent, Belgium

Cooperation with Dr. Anton Nikiforov on spectroscopic diagnostics of non-thermal plasmas.

University of Mons

Mons, Belgium

Cooperation with Dr. Nikolay Britun on laser-aided diagnostics of non-thermal plasmas.

Florida State University

Tallahassee, USA

Cooperation with Dr. Bruce Locke on spectroscopic diagnostics of plasma in contact with liquids.

Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Prague, Czech Republic

Cooperation with Dr. Milan Šimek on investigations of fundamental mechanisms of nanosecond breakdown in liquid water and on spectroscopy and electrical investigations of low-temperature discharges in atmospheric gases.

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Husinec-Řež, Czech Republic

Cooperation with prof. Dědina on diagnostics of atomizers.

Pau University

Pau, France

Cooperation with the group of Prof. Jean Paillol on the numerical simulation of barrier discharges and Trichel pulses of negative corona discharge in air.

LAPLACE-laboratories at the University of Paul Sabatier

Toulose, France

Cooperation on spectroscopic and electrical investigations of diffuse barrier discharges for surface treatment and deposition with Dr. Nicolas Naude.

Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia

Granada, Spain

Cooperation with Dr. Francisco Vasquez (CSIC) on the spectroscopy of streamers in Transient Luminous Events in upper atmosphere of Earth.

INP Greifswald

Greifswald, Germany

Cooperation with Assoc.Prof. Detlef Loffhagen and Dr. Markus Becker on electron kinetics and fluid model numerical simulations of low-temperature plasmas in different gas mixtures. With Prof. Brandenburg, Dr. Höft and Dr. Manfred Kettlitz on sub-nanosecond spectroscopy of dielectric barrier discharges using time correlated single photon counting and streak camera methods.

Comenius University

Bratislava, Slovakia

Cooperation with Assoc. Prof. Mario Janda on sub-nanosecond spectroscopy of transient spark discharges.

Italian Research Council

Bari, Italy

Cooperation with Dr. Paolo Ambrico of the on fast spectroscopy and electrical investigation of barrier discharges in nanosecond pulsed regime.

University of Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia

Cooperation with Prof. Bratislav Obradovic and Assoc. Prof. Nikola Cvetanovic on electric field measurement in helium atmospheric pressure discharges and on spectroscopy of surface discharges in contact with water.

Troitsk Institute

Moscow, Russia

Cooperation with Prof. Yuri Akishev on ultra-fast imaging and electrical characterisation of surface barrier discharges using advanced experimental and theoretical methods.

Ohio State University

Columbus, USA

Development and improvement of Efish laser diagnostics in cooperation with prof. I. Adamovich.

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